Thursday, July 29, 2010


I feel both curious and a trifle uncertain as I start my first note.

The freedom to express myself is perhaps the first motivation. Even a relief.

As a professional, as a citizen of India and the world there is a lot to share with colleagues and friends.

I feel inspired by a little story in Mahabharat where a king asks a sage what the purpose of the ultimate learning was? The sage says that on attainment of all learning man realizes that he is indebted. Indebted to the king (or society/country), to his parents, and to his teachers. He can repay these by giving offerings (or serving the king/country/society), by bringing forth (and bringing up) children, and by teaching (mentoring and inspiring) others.

So that's a framework I hope to follow.

These are remarkably interesting times, challenging times, and complex times. So my two bits here.

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