Sunday, August 5, 2012

Anna : What Next?

Team Anna was on fast at Jantar Mantar in Delhi and he was comprehensively ignored by the government and was given marginal coverage by the media. The fast was called off and the announcement for a new political alternative was made.

This incident clearly showed that the political set up is not willing to listen to its citizens. It would make platitudes if media is there or else it would ignore all views. Jan Lokpal is not happening in any useful form if it ever sees light of the day at all.

If we believe that corruption is indeed a serious - perhaps the most serious - problem facing India currently then we can't let go of it simply because political classes and media are indifferent to this cause.

Team Anna seem to think that going to parliament is the better option and they propose to create a political party. This is a daunting task as religion, caste, money and muscle continue to play a big part in electoral politics in India today. Arun Bhatia in Pune did not manage much support despite his apparent popularity. Yet this attempt needs to be made not by one but many people. Ideas proposed by Arvind Kejriwal are worth examining.

Then again, issues of governance are too important to be left to governments alone. Politics is not just electoral politics. Politics is primarily about people - their issues and affairs. The need is to mobilize and institutionalize citizens' groups that remain vigilant and enforce due processes where government falters. For instance, police routinely refuses to accept a First Information Report (FIR). An alert group from legal fraternity can accept FIR and ensure that the police accepts it. Such processes can be negotiated with the police/government as a whole. 

If groups like India Against Corruption create networks of such support groups manned by people of suitable professional competence and integrity then many acts of corruption would be addressed in both preventive and curative ways - before and after the incidences.

Citizens' initiatives like these are not at the mercy of legislators and politicians.

So, while legislation is important we need a holistic approach and awaken Indians to stand up for themselves. If they do then politicians wouldn't be able to be so indifferent, condescending, and stubborn. 

Even the parliament would then be on notice to serve and not rule.

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  1. I do not know if we realize :
    1. We are not proud of voting any more.
    2. The lack of pride is because we are not electing a person of integrity , its because we have to vote for a lesser scoundrel
    3. We are starting from bottom of our expectation and hence the filth gets elected.

    I always wanted to look for an admirable alternative , the 4th dimension and have written about it