Sunday, December 5, 2010

Kashmir Confusion

Kashmir has been a concern for most of us in India for over 20 years.
I figured only recently how confused and deceptive this demand for independence is. 
A recent interview of Hurriyat's Syed Ali Shah Geelani by Seema Mustafa shows that his idea of independence is not freedom as a sovereign state but freedom from the Indian rule.
Another interview with Kashmiri Youth is about joining neither India nor Pakistan but being an independent nation.
However, this deception is perpetuated by all these people who have inflicted nothing but death and destruction on the hapless population of Kashmir.
The stone throwers are supposedly venting their anger armed with nothing but stones! Well, with these stones they have disrupted lives and created conditions that are hurting common people. They deserve no sympathy.
In Pakistan, we have a prime example of how a country created in a rush can be devoid of institutions and hijacked by anyone with gun, money, and greed.
Kashmir's independence is a foolish idea to start with - having Afghanistan, Pakistan, and China next door. If created it can only surpass Pakistan and Afghanistan in creating misery for its inhabitants.

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